Metallic tapes

We offer non-metalic tapes such as the polyester (Mylar tape) and the waterblocking tape. Also water blocking yarn and Mica tape.

We also offer metalic tapes for application in the wire and cable industry and for general purposes, them being mechanically resistant, waterproof, and working as a screen for use in different sort of products.

Next you can find classified the metallic tapes we offer, organized by sector:

  • Pharmaceutical: In the pharmaceutical industry primary packaging requires special attention since besides preserving the product's properties, it must ensure the highest hygienic conditions. The product range for this industry includes packaging for Blister: lidding foil and cold forming; strips and suppositories.

  • Confectionary: 
Packaging for the confectionary industry has a dual purpose: to protect the product and enhance its aesthetics. 

For this reason, in addition to the traditional coloured aluminium reels in a wide range of colours, Carcano, one ouf our represented companies, can supply aluminium foils printed in up to 8 colours, based on graphic designs set up by a team of expert designers.

  • Flexible packaging for the food industry:
Aluminium foil with gauges starting from 8 microns in smooth or embossed styles with standard or customized patterns, printed in up to 7 colours. The product can be acquired glue laminated to plastic films (PE - PP - Cellophane) from 6x10-4 mm to 0.100 mm. Also, you can select if you want it Glue or wax laminated to paper from 20 to 40 g/m2

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