Flame Retardants

CHARMAX® LS: Comprehensive and established line of smoke suppressants designed to meet all your low smoke requirements. Product families include a full line of zinc borates, zinc stannates, Zinc molybdates, metal borates, ammonium octamolybdate, melamine octamolybdate and proprietary inorganic complexes customized to meet your specific requirements.

CHARMAX® FR: Complete line of proprietary flame retardant synergists designed as partial or full replacements of antimony oxide for a wide variety of polymer systems. Products are designed as lower cost alternatives to antimony oxide for PVC applications or as “Antimony Free” alternatives in those polymer systems whose application prohibits its use due to environmental, health and safety concerns.

CHARMAX® FS:Line of novel products exhibiting improved flame retardant and smoke suppression properties for a wide range of polymers. Charmax ® FS products utilize new technology to deposit a thin layer of smoke suppressants like a stannate or molybdate onto the surface of a commonly used hydrated flame retardant or other inert materials. These products are designed to provide an added boost to help meet stringent flammability and smoke requirements.

CHARMAX® SB: Full line of high quality antimony synergists produced from high purity antimony metal. We offer all particle size ranges including our new 9-13 micron antimony Oxide grade designed for those formulators looking for extra low tint properties. Our sodium antimonate product is well suited for PET and high temperature nylon applications.

HYDRAX™: Full line of established high quality ATH hydrated aluminas – precipitated and ground, Bayer or white free-flowing, 1 to 100 micron. Alumina trihydrate powders act as flame retardants and smoke suppressants for a wide variety of plastics, rubber, paper, adhesives, coatings and other polymer systems.

HYDRAMAX™: Complete line of established high quality endothermic flame retardants such as magnesium hydroxides, magnesium calcium carbonate hydroxides and zinc carbonates – includes some of the finest particle sizes and highest quality grades available. These free-flowing powders act as Ffame retardants and smoke suppressants in engineering plastics, rubber, high temperature adhesives, coatings and other high temperature polymer systems. Surface-treated grades are available.

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