Thermic Stabilizers

We offer Ca-Zn stabilizers that replace up to a 100% other stabilizers, such as the tribasic sulfate of Pb. Our stabilizers do not have any heavy metals, and the compounds that are fabricated with them may be marked as ROHS compliant. Also, they have an excelent relation cost/benefit compared to the other stabilizers, and they have excelent dynamic and static stability.

1. CAB 11T- Optimum for the cable industry, in compounds of 60 and 75ºC that need to have a whiter tonality.

2. CAB 14- Used in PVC compounds of 60 and 75ºC for general purposes.

3. CAB 28- Used in 90 and 105ºC PVC compounds, specially for the development of low tension cables such as THHN/THWN.

4. Ca-Zn Stabilizers for extrusion, injection and calendering, both in rigid or laminated materials. The presentation may be solid or liquid depending on the Ca/Zn or Ba/Zn required stabilizer.

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