Blown Film

INGENIA POLYMERS has a wide range of additives for the blown film, tubing and rotomolding industries. They are leaders in the development of new materials to obtain a positive cost/benefit relation, specially for the film fabrication.
In blown and cast films, the additives we offer are:

  • White concentrates, with 70% TiO2 and with 75% TiO2 + opacifier. Some of the references are: IP1006 (70% TiO2), IP 2006 (70%TiO2 para PP), IP1026 (75% TiO2+opacifiers), etc.
  • Black concentrates for blown and cast films, for injection and molding.
    • BK005A (35% lampblack)
    • BK001A (50% lampblack)
    • BK003A( 35% lampblack, FDA)
  • Aid masterbach IP1121, wich allows de material consumption reduction up to 50%, thanks to the viton 200 technology.
  • Antiblock masterback IP1091, with 25% of active ingredient.
  • Antistatic IP1210, GMS, 7% of active ingredient.
  • Slip IP1065, 5% erucamide active ingredient.
  • UV Stabilizers, IP1350, 12.5% active ingredient. Useful in blown and cast films,
  • Purge compounds IP1850 and IP1851, for films, extrusión and molding. Some of the applications of these additives are in packaging, BOPP, geomembranes, food films and pharmaceutical uses.


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