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Betaquimica (Spain)

Betaquimica is the largest manufacturer of stabilizicers in Spain, and their products are sold all over Europe.
Additionaly, Betaquimica makes aid masterbaches and additives for the plastics industry, specially for PVC compounds.


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Polymer additives group (USA)

PAG is a manufacturer of flame retardants and smoke supressants for the PVC compounds and specialities market. It is possible to use PAG references also in PET, PU foam, and Polyolefins.
They have developed the Charmax® and Hydramax® references, to increase the flame resistance and reduce the smoke emission, reason why it's used in "LS" compounds.


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Saco Polymers (USA)

Saco Polymers is the leader in the state of art of XLPE compounds for wire and cable and tubing industries. It was founded in 1998 as PANAPLAST USA.
Nowadays, Saco Polymers has done developments in the following areas:

  1. Pipe and tubing.
  2. Low voltage wire insulation products.
  3. Thermoplastic jacketing compounds for wire and cable.
  4. Tolling and speciality compounding.


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Long Vision (China)

Long Vision (China)
Longvision is an asiatic company dedicated to the fabrication of metalic and non-metalic materials for Wire and Cable. The main products are:
aluminium copolymer films; additionaly it has other products as cupper clad steel and steel wires.

  1. Water blocking tapes and yarns.
  2. Copper clad steel wires.
  3. Copolymer coated aluminum tape.
  4. Galvanized steel wire.
  5. Galvanized steel tape.
  6. Alu-pet tape.
  7. Specialities.


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Carcano (Italy)

Carcano is an italian company with more than a hundred years of experience in the fabrication of foil, for use in the sectors of wire and cable, food, wines, confectionery, paper and pharmaceutical.
They also have other technologic products such as cables and profiles.


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Reedy (USA)

Reedy International was founded in 1989 to provide environmentally responsible additives to the plastics industry. They have produced non-toxic and food-safe products, meeting the newly implemented global emission requirements, to replace CFC and HCFC in the production of foamed products.
Reedy fabricates foam, mainly endotermic, that is used widely in the industrial, footwear and food sectors, taking advantage of the weight reduction and raw materials consumption in their products.


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Ingenia (Canada)

It’s a company that fabricates materials for the flexible films industry; overwhelm the Black and White concentrates, slip additives, antiblock, antistatic and aid masterbach.

With Ingenia additives there are fabricated films that package food, as candies, milk and potato chips; those films are also applied to the medical and pharmaceutical sector, and in the production of geomembranes, sheets, plastic bags, BOPP and stretch.

Ingenia has also got additives for the rotomolding and tubing industries;

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