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Ingenia® Additives for blown film

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Ingenia has all the necesary additives for the film industry, and counts with high technology, that permits a positive technical difference and the best relation cost/benefit.

The main additives are:

- White masterbach FDA 70% Titanium Dioxide

- Black masterbach 50% and black masterbach FDA

- Aid masterbach IP11 21, which allows reducing the consumption up to 50%.

- Antiblock.

- Slip.

- Special additives.


Raw materials for ROHS compliance

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We offer raw materials for the ROHS compliance with our representations.

Some of these materials are:

- Ca/Zn Stabidlizers from Betaqu√≠mica®

- Non-halogen compounds from Saco Polymers®

- Non-halogen retardants for PVC compounds and other polymers.

Welcome To Chemicorp

We are a company dedicated to the representation of raw materials of high quality and great technologic development for the commercialization in Latin America.

Our slogan is: "Tailored developments made with the best technology and trustable products."

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