Foam Agents

We offer foam agents for use in different materials, and with specialized products according to the product they are going to be applied (soles of shoes, cups, equipment, toys, packages, cosmetics and products where it is possible to reduce the weight, the density and resins consumption).

Safoam is an interesting option to make foam by the endotermic controled generation of gas, so to avoid significative variations in the bubbles and to obtain uniform results in the extruded or injected pieces of PVC. Using AZO, the surface of the finished piece shows non uniform bubbles.
Saftec advanced additive solutions include chemical foaming agents and stabilizers with specific performance advantages.

SAFTEC RAZ -5 is an endothermic/exothermic CFA developed with a specialty carrier intended to improve the performance of flexible polyvinyl compounds. The CO2/N2 gasses combine to provide a superior microcellular structure. At the same time it can help attain a softer, more flexible vinyl compound and may be able to enhance or replace certain plasticizers

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